New Homes:
King Kong:
"Kong" was our Quarter Horse x Percheron cross we donated to Hanna's
Horseshoes of Hope
* therapy school.  He was Bob's cow horse that came to us
with skills in reining.  For a large horse, he could make a tight and fast spin but only in
one direction.  He could also slide to a stop, but usually gave a crow hop or two, because
he liked to run.  Kong may not have been the fastest horse on cattle, but he could stay on
a calf longer than any of the other horses.  Bob eventually quit using him on cattle and he
no longer had a job with us.  He is very sweet to people and still sound, so we decided to
give him to the therapy school where his big heart could have a good job.  Kong was
working with their larger kids and working in their "Horses for Heros" program for disabled
veterans.  We are very proud of him.
Bob and Mary LeBoeuf
LeBoeuf Cattle Company
Broken Bow,OK
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*Hannah's Horseshoes of Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit program and a member of
NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) with instructors
certified to teach riding therapy.
HHH provides therapeutic horsemanship and other equine-assisted activities to
benefit students with physical, mental, emotional and learning disabilities.
Caille de Pere
Congratulations, Jeri!
Jeri Mainwaring, of J-M Appaloosa Ranch in Avery Texas,
purchased Pere, who she re-nicknamed "Cappy".    Jeri has a long
standing Appaloosa breeding program and has extensive experience
handling stallions.  She will be using Cappy for her own breeding
program and is offering him for breeding to select outside mares.  You
can see him at his new home by following this link:

We congratulate her on her purchase.  We hope that his calm and
willing temperament will be passed to his foals.  He has a lot of
potential to have loud colored foals and we are anxiously awaiting his

Good luck Jeri and Cappy!
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