Ranch Hands
The Mouse-control Team:
The Weaning coach:
Our dogs are "American Indian Dogs".  This breed is
highly intelligent and easily trained.  They are very
skilled cattle dogs, and love their work.  For more info
on this unique breed, please see our link to
Song Dog Kennels.
Piss Pot Pete is the night manager of the
horse barn, and in the daytime does his
best to startle the dogs, and keep them
on their toes.  He keeps the feed room
free of mice and harasses a bee or two.  
Rudy and PP (Pygmy Panther) work as a
team and control most of the mouse
activity outside the barn.

All of our cats are volunteers that decided
to stay.  The only thing we require is that
all their "luggage is unpacked" - in other
words, all our cats are neutered!  
For one like them, please see your local
animal shelter or Humane Society.
Kokopelli (Big Red Racer
ApHC#605046), is the gentle
boy who is friend to all.  He
has been a wonderful
"weaning coach" for the

In this photo, they are
watching a new foal that was
turned out for the first time.
The Dogs:
Bob and Mary LeBoeuf
LeBoeuf Cattle Company
Broken Bow,OK