Nettie and Grace:
Meet the Mares:
Pratt Toby Rainet (ApHC # 495080),
our senior mare, is a black leopard
Appaloosa.  She is a proven
broodmare and color producer.  She
has Toby and Sundance F500 in her
pedigree. She is also FAHR
registered. She was untrained when
we purchased her, but is trusting
and a quick learner.  She is a gentle
mare with a calm disposition.  She
will be kept open in 2008 & 2009.
HMH Amazing Grace (ApHC # 619750)
is a 2003 foal produced by Hi Mountain
Hollow farm. She is a black few spot
Appaloosa that should be a 100% color
producer. Grace has Sundance F500,
Coyotes Apache and Patchy in her
pedigree. She is Sundance, Colorado
Ranger Horse, FPD and FAHR eligible.  
She is a  mare, who is athletic and
strongly gaited. She curious, friendly and
a quick learner. Grace is in foal by the
magnificent Hi Tech Cowboy for a 2009
Bob and Mary LeBoeuf
LeBoeuf Cattle Company
Broken Bow,OK