Nettie X Jay Foal:
Bob and Mary LeBoeuf
LeBoeuf Cattle Company
Broken Bow,OK
Cheval de Paques
(Horse of Easter)
"Paqui" is a long-legged, energetic MorApp
gelding.  He is the product of a cross between a
beautiful black leopard  foundation Appaloosa
mare and a magnificent black Morgan stallion.  He
is registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club and
is eligible for registration with the American
Warmblood Society.  Paqui is no longer offered
for sale, as he will be our personal pleasure
Caille de Pere
(Father of Spots)
"Pere" is a gentle stallion!  He was born to a trusting
mother and training has come very naturally to him.  He
has progressed well with his ground training, and
stands well for the farrier.  He has had a lot of handling
and we hope he will be a very gentle stallion.  We
suspect that he is homozygous for the leopard gene.    
His color genetics has been established through the
U.C. Davis Vet. Genetics lab, and he is homozygous for
Black (EEaa).  With this genetic combination and his
good-natured temperament, he should be an excellent
foundation for an Appaloosa breeding program.
2008 Foal:
2007 Foals:
filly born 31 May 2008, 0550 AM
E'toile filante de Mai
(Shooting Star of May)
"Mai" is a magnificent filly in every respect.  Her pedigree includes
some of the best of the best, including Sundance, Bright Eyes Brother,
Joker B, Wapiti, Doc Bar, Wimpy, and even Man O War!  In addition, she
is a Foundation Appaloosa, and is eligible for FPD registration.  She was
partially imprinted by Dr. Miller's method before she stood for the first
time, and has been handled nearly every day of her life.  She is being
started by the methods of Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox.  Before she
was 2 months old she had mastered haltering, leading, all of her yields
and will stand for the farrier.  Mai has been color tested at the UC Davis
Vet Genetics lab and she is Eeaa.  She is black or blue roan but is not a
true black.  We have seen how she sun-fades in the intense sun of an
Oklahoma summer.  She has a beautiful conformation with a short
back, large hip and beautiful neck.  Mai has all the qualities that will
make her well suited for western equine sports,  but she would also be
a wonderful pleasure horse.
2009 Foal:
Colt born 11 February 2009  2:20 PM
Grace X Hi Tech Foal:
CC Tres Beaux
(Very Handsome)
"Beaux" (ApHC # 660866) is the image of his sire, Hi Tech
Cowboy!  As his name implies, he is quite a beauty!  He was
fully imprinted at birth, before he stood for the first time, and
has been handled extensively so far.  We are very happy that
he was imprinted, because he was a firecracker!  He is now
very gentle, friendly and a willing student.  He is quite smart
and figured out how to unlatch a chain gait by 2 weeks old.  By
one month, he had mastered haltering, leading and all his
yields, including side-pass!  He can only be homozygous for
black, because both his sire and dam are homozygous.  
Because of his color and the fact that his sire sadly passed
away, he will be kept intact as a stallion prospect.  
He will be offered for sale after he is a yearling.