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2 - 4 days old
HMH Amazing Grace (ApHC # 619750) is a 2003 foal
produced by Hi Mountain Hollow farm. She is a black few
spot Appaloosa that should be a 100% color producer.
Grace has Sundance F500, Coyotes Apache and Patchy
in her pedigree. She is Sundance, Colorado Ranger
Horse and FAHR eligible.  She is a  mare, who is athletic
and strongly gaited. She curious, friendly and a quick
Beaux's Dam, Grace
Beaux's Sire, Hi Tech
Bob and Mary LeBoeuf
LeBoeuf Cattle Company
Broken Bow,OK
Colt born 11 February 2009  2:20 PM
CC Tres Beaux (Very Handsome)
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15.2 hh Black Leopard ApHC Stallion
Homozygous for the black gene
Hypp N/N
[ Dreamfinder x Impress A Cowboy]
2001-2008 )
1-2 hours old
Birthday:  11 Feb 2009, 2:20 PM
Hi Tech Cowboy
"Beaux" (ApHC # 660866) is the image of his sire, Hi Tech
Cowboy!  As his name implies, he is quite a beauty!  He was
fully imprinted at birth, before he stood for the first time, and
has been handled extensively so far.  We are very happy that
he was imprinted, because he was a firecracker!  He is now
very gentle, friendly and a willing student.  He is quite smart
and figured out how to unlatch a chain gait by 2 weeks old.  By
one month, he had mastered haltering, leading and all his
yields, including side-pass!  He can only be homozygous for
black, because both his sire and dam are homozygous.  
Because of his color and the fact that his sire sadly passed
away, he will be kept intact as a stallion prospect.  
He will be offered for sale after he is a yearling.
3 - 4 weeks old
Birth Video
Training Video
Beaux pedigree
HMH Amazing Grace