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2 & 3 days old
Pratt Toby Rainet (ApHC # 495080), foaled in 1990, is a
black leopard Appaloosa.  She is a proven broodmare
and color producer.  She has Toby and Sundance F500
in her pedigree. She is also FAHR registered. She was
untrained when we purchased her, but is trusting and a
quick learner.  She is a gentle mare with a calm
Nettie Pedigree
Mai's Dam, Nettie
Mai's Sire, Jay
Bob and Mary LeBoeuf
LeBoeuf Cattle Company
Broken Bow,OK
Filly born 31 May 2008, 0550 AM
E'toile Filante de Mai
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1999 Stallion
"Jay" has completed his championship as a 3 year old under the guidance of Roger
and Karla Johnson. ROMs in 3-year old Snafflebit Western Pleasure,
Hackamore/Snafflebit Reining, and most colorful.
* Year-End High Point Leading the Nation Snaffle Bit/ Hackamore Reining
* Year-End High Point Leading the Nation Three-Year-Old Snaffle Bit Western
* Year- End Finalist Most Colorful at Halter

(from Folgate Appaloosas: )
Mystic Doc Jay
Jay Pedigree
2 hours old
"Mai" is a magnificent filly in every respect.  Her pedigree
includes some of the best of the best, including Sundance,
Bright Eyes Brother, Joker B, Wapiti, Doc Bar, Wimpy, and even
Man O War!  In addition, she is a Foundation Appaloosa, and is
eligible for FPD registration.  She was partially imprinted by Dr.
Miller's method before she stood for the first time, and has
been handled nearly every day of her life.  She is being started
by the methods of Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox.  Before she
was 2 months old she had mastered haltering, leading, all of
her yields and will stand for the farrier.  Mai has been color
tested at the UC Davis Vet Genetics lab and she is Eeaa.  She is
black or blue roan but is not a true black.  We have seen how  
she sun-fades in the intense sun of an Oklahoma summer.  
She has a beautiful conformation with a short back, large hip
and beautiful neck.  Mai has all the qualities that will make her
well suited for western equine sports,  but she would also be a
wonderful pleasure horse.  
2 months old
Birthday:  31 May 2008, 0550 AM
5 months old
Mai pedigree
Pratt Toby Rainet
7 months old