Beaux training videos - 5 months
Training is usually in the stalls or out with the other horses.  Our horses
are rather snoopy, so all the work for these videos was done in a very
hot stall away from the others.   
This video is a brief look at few of his yields.  Not included was yielding
the forequarters, and lateral flexion.  These were omitted because I
forgot them - next time I will make a list.  Other videos will show him
yielding to the lead and lateral flexion.
This video segment shows how Beaux has been desensitized to
rope.  He does not move when the heavy rope hits his legs and
tolerates a tight rope around his girth, belly and back cinch areas.  
He will lift his feet when pulled with rope, and  he accepts his feet
being lightly bound with soft rope so is ready to be hobble trained.
This video shows Beaux being "sacked out" with a plastic bag
and a bath towel.  He does not care for the towel on his head
and face but will obviously do what is asked of him.
Intro & yields
Work with rope
Sacking out
Off halter
This last video shows Beaux working off halter and lead.  At
the time of this video, I did not know that he would work off
lead like this, especially when he was obviously hot and tired!
 For a young horse, he really does try to give 100%!